Programmes taught in English

Most of our programmes are taught in Norwegian, except those listed below as taught in English.

The master's degree programmes welcome Norwegian and international applicants (priority given to students from TUC's international partner universities).

Other programmes listed are mainly aimed at Norwegian students, or exchange or guest students from TUC's partner universities in Europe or other parts of the world. An exchange student or a guest student is someone who is enrolled for a degree programme at his/her home university abroad, but who wish to spend 1 - 2 semesters at TUC as a study abroad experience

Study programme Campus Autumn Spring Full
Open to free-movers?
Bachelor level:            
Faculty of Arts and Sciences            
Alpine Ecology and Environmental Management X X X   No
Business Administration for Exchange students X X X   No
English Studies X X X   No
International Tourism and Sustainable Development X X X   No
Outdoor Life, Culture and Ecophilosophy/
Nordic Skiing and Outdoor Life
X X X   No
Scandinavian Studies in Telemark X X X   No
Faculty of Art, Norwegian Folk Art and Teacher Education            
Environmental Art Notodden   X     Yes
Norwegian Folk Music Rauland X X     Yes
Norwegian Folk Art Rauland X X X   Yes
Physical Education, Sport, Culture and Society Notodden X X X   No
Social Sciences Notodden X       Yes
Faculty of Technology            
Computer Science and Industrial Automation, 5th semester Porsgrunn X       No
Construction Design, 5th semester Porsgrunn X       No
Electrical Power Engineering, 5th semester Porsgrunn X       No
Gas- and Energy Technology, 5th semester Porsgrunn X       No
Mechanical Engineering Design, 5th semester Porsgrunn X       No
Planning and Infrastructure, 5th semester Porsgrunn X       No
Master's degree programmes (2 yrs. duration):           No
Faculty of Arts and Sciences:            
Environmental Science       X Yes
Faculty of Technology:            
Energy and Environmental Technology Porsgrunn       X Yes
Process Technology Porsgrunn       X Yes
Systems and Control Engineering Porsgrunn       X Yes
Norwegian Language Programme            
Faculty of Arts and Sciences            
Norwegian Language and Civilization for Foreign Students     X   Yes

Ansvarlig for nettsiden Espen Johansen, last modified Nina Holmberg Lurås - 05/02/2014

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